Thursday, October 24, 2013

Irit Batsry, Screen, 2013

aut aut arte contemporanea, 
Rua Alberto Ribeiro 22, Rio de Janeiro. 
October 2 - November 9. 2013

In Screen, the gallery space is divided Film Screena large hand crafted ‘screen' composed of clusters of 35MM film held together by binders.

Light, a video loop depicting projectors and reflectors on a film set being adjusted by the crew, is projected through this porous ‘screen’, affirming light as a  primary condition to the existence of the image and creating a complex image that includes the projected video, the shadows of the film clusters as well as ‘animated drawings’ composed of moving circles of light cast by reflections of the film clusters lit by the video projector. 

The viewers are able to enter ‘behind the screen’ into an unusual ‘projection booth’- the enclosed space between the screen and the walls on which the images appears.

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