Sunday, October 16, 2011

Irit Batsry, Warning House, 2011

Site-related Installations, Beit Mani, Tel Aviv 2011
September 22 - November 27, Yehuda Halevi 36, Tel Aviv

Industrial yellow and red security tapes with printed legends 'caution' and 'danger' fixed into window, live feed from surveillance camera on a tripod pointing at the street through the window 'screen' projected by two video projectors on the room's wooden door.
photo Ran Erde (c) 2011

Caution/Danger Window and part of Caution/Danger Carpet,

Caution/Danger Carpet/Banknote (10 Palestine Pounds), 
A carpet made of Caution/Danger Industrial yellow and red security tapes pattern follows a 10 Palestine Pounds note of the Angle-Palestine Bank found at Beit Mani archive.
photo Ran Erde (c) 2011

Caution/Danger Facade, 2011 Industrial yellow and red security tapes with printed legends 'caution' and 'danger' fixed into balconies' ironwork.

Irit Batsry, Warning House, a cycle of site related installations is part of 
One, Two and ... Three 
Curator: Dalia Levin | Associate Curator: Tal Bechler
presented by
Herzliya Biennial for Contemporary Art in collaboration with
ArtTLV and Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art

Participating artists:
David Adika, Lea Avital, Ido Bar-El, Irit Batsry, Amit Berlowitz, Yael Efrati, Dani Gal, Gideon Gechtman, Shachar Freddy Kislev, Gabi Klasmer, Miki Kratsman, Hila Laviv, Dana Levy, Elisheva Levy, Jacob Mishori, Jan Tichy, Shahar Yahalom.

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